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Increasing Crude Unit Preheat

Cost-effective exchanger network solutions, designed to increase crude preheat temperature and reduce energy consumption, need to rely on more than just pinch technology if they are to be successful.
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Fast-tracking an FCC Revamp

The design, detailed engineering and installation of one revamp took just four-and-a-half months. Unit feed rate, product recovery and product quality objectives were all met after the revamp.
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Diesel and VGO Recovery

Fundamental design considerations influencing diesel and vacuum gas oil (VGO) recovery when revamping existing or designing grassroots crude units.
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Revamp Improves Asphalt Yield In Georgia Refinery

A refiner producing various grades of asphalt from Boscan crude revamped their CDU to maximize asphalt yield while meeting product quality. These heavy crudes are difficult to process and specifications can be challenging when producing performance grade material. The successful ...
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Steam Reboiler System Operations

Basic heat exchange principles are used to explain gas plant thermosiphon reboiler hydraulic constraints. Field measurements help clarify "off-design" operations that were not apparent and were causing high condensate levels.
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Catalyst Changes, Downstream Improvements Increase FCC Propylene Yields

Increasing propylene yields from an FCC can be an attractive alternative to a steam cracker. Reactor and catalyst system changes can lead to much higher propylene yields than conventional FCC operations. Increasing propylene yields place additional demands on the gas ...
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Foam Control in Crude Units

Installation of vortex tube clusters in crude unit preflash drums has eliminated foam carry-over, increasing diesel and atmospheric gasoil product yields. By avoiding preflash drum replacement, these retrofits have cut revamp investment.
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Consider Retrofits to Handle High-Viscosity Crudes

Refiners must fine-tune crude unit process design and energy balance to process a heavy feedslate.
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Conditions Influencing Coke Formation

Hotspots in fired heaters can lead to accelerated rates of coking and tube failure. Two examples show how integrating fireside and oil-side calculations can help identify and correct conditions leading to high localised peak flux rates.
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Understanding Unit Pressure Balance Key to Cost-effective FCC Revamps

FCC pressure balance is one of the key operating parameters that set catalyst circulation, unit charge rate, and conversion. Quantifying the individual system component pressure drops and the relative cost of reducing them allows cost-effective revamps to be implemented. Several ...
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