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Modern technology increases our understanding of unit performance and equipment design, and powerful computer programs form an important part of our design process. This being said, we understand that technology cannot serve as a crutch for fundamentally poor process flow schemes. Furthermore, our many years of experience allow us to identify and compensate for the situations where simulations do not match the real world.

Every day, we use PRO/II, HYSYS, HTRI Xchanger Suite, and FRNC-5 as part of our work. Based on many years of experience and extensive research in the literature, we have also developed proprietary programs to ensure that our designs are efficient and reliable.  More importantly, our engineers incorporate lessons learned with regards to what works and what doesn't work in our designs.

To develop an even deeper understanding of process equipment, Process Consulting Services has made a substantial investment in the hardware and software necessary to perform detailed computational fluid dynamics (CFD). CFD allows us to understand complex flow dynamics within equipment to identify the reason for failures or to implement changes to increase performance or capacity. This capability has proven very powerful for equipment troubleshooting and for identifying ways other than replacement to increase equipment capacity during a revamp.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Graphic