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Process Design Packages

Process Consulting Services’ process design packages provide all of the information that a detailed engineering contractor needs to build a reliable and cost-effective unit. Once the process flow scheme and crude flexibility requirements are identified, all major equipment is designed by Process Consulting Services experienced process engineers who do not rely on vendors. In other words, we provide the process design of all major equipment – not just a process data sheet for the vendor to use to design the equipment. Engineering fundamentals and equipment know-how are the keys to our ability to provide robust and reliable design.

We strongly believe that performing the equipment process design is critical. For example, specifying a CDU heater pressure drop of 150 Psig and allowing the vendor to design the heater is a prescription for an unreliable design that cuts corners to lower the cost. Pressure drop should be a consequence of a reliable design where the heater operates at high mass flux versus an approach where the minimum cost heater design is a consequence of the prescribed pressure drop.

Many designers claim to have low cost designs, but these initial capital savings often come at the expense of reliability, flexibility, and ultimately profitability. While Process Consulting Services skillfully employs sophisticated modeling tools, real unit performance depends on fundamental engineering principles and equipment design know-how. Operating profits are produced by steel on the ground, not the ideals of a computer model. Our revamps always begin with a comprehensive test run to establish major constraints and operating parameters. Grass roots projects draw on the know-how gleaned from our 20 years’ worth of test run measurements and subsequent analysis of many operating units.