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Crude Oil Distillation

Crude processing flexibility is essential today. In North America, refiners have a choice between light, tight sands crudes and heavy crudes. International refiners can choose between high volume crudes, such as those from the Middle East and West Africa, and heavy and extra-heavy Venezuelan, Canadian and Middle Eastern crudes. Although the definition of opportunity crude varies by region, a robust process flow scheme and reliable equipment design are necessary in every case to prevent the opportunity from turning into problems including exchanger fouling, poor desalting, column plugging, heater coking, wax deposition. Unfortunately, refiners often ignore the high risks associated with processing challenging crudes until these problems arise in their own refinery. Ignoring these risks is leading to short run lengths of 3-6 months in some instances.

Whether circumstances dictate revamping existing units or developing a grassroots design, the lessons that Process Consulting Services has learned from our past experience, and knowledge gained from ongoing learning - such as the fouling tendencies of shale crudes - allow us to develop a robust crude-vacuum unit design for any situation. 

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