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Coking Units

coker.jpgProcess Consulting Services has completed projects for coking units from the main fractionator through the gas plant, including units operating above 75 Mbpd.

Delayed coker main fractionators and gas plants are often designed by licensors based on standard design procedures. Often these designs fail to maximize diesel recovery from lower value products. Losing diesel boiling range material to the naphtha or HCGO products lowers refinery profitability. Process Consulting Services’ designs target maximum profitability rather than blindly adhering to standard practices.

Revamps can maximize gas plant performance with existing equipment. For example, a revamp may make use of structured packing to reduce fractionator pressure drop. The result is a higher compressor suction pressure that significantly increases gas handling without the need for an expensive compressor replacement. Gas plant C3+ recovery can materially influence overall refinery liquid volume recovery.