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Process Consulting Services Surveyor

Since 1994, through the ups and downs of the refining cycle, Process Consulting Services has been in business helping our clients improve their profitability through our designs. During this time we have worked on more than 100 crude-vacuum units around the globe. We have also completed many projects related to lube vacuum, FCC, delayed coker, visbreaker, saturate gas plant, and product treating units. Our projects range in size from 5 Kbpsd to 380 Kbpsd and total capital investment of less than $10 MM US to more than $400 MM US. Regardless of the size or complexity of the project, our focus is on developing a robust process flow scheme and reliable equipment designs. In this era of increasingly difficult to process opportunity crudes, it is our expertise gleaned from years of experience with different crudes that differentiates us from our competitors and allows us to consistently improve our clients' reliability and profitability.


Process Consulting Services’ main concerns on any project are successful startup and profitable operation. Our clients hire us to apply our expertise to increase their profits. Process and equipment design is our livelihood, and we strive to consistently deliver quality work on time and to exceed our clients' expectations.