Other Distillation Processes

Distillation Towers

Process Consulting Services has completed revamps and design work around many other distillation-intensive processes. Some of these include aromatics, solvents, and condensate processing. Our deep understanding and application of distillation and engineering fundamentals allows us to produce efficient, flexible, operable, profitable designs for our customers.

Aromatic processing requires special vapor/liquid equilibrium data and equipment design know-how. Solvent processing produces narrow boiling range cuts that must be sharply fractionated due to unique product usage. Often tight sands crudes have to be stabilized or topped to ensure they can be processed through existing refinery crude units and gas plants. Eagle Ford, Bakken, Colorado, West Texas and other tights sands production material cannot be processed in high percentages without loss of capacity. Furthermore, these crudes have some unique contaminants that require special process design considerations.

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