Our Proven Methods

Process Consulting Services is a group of engineers that specialize in the field of distillation intensive processes for oil refining. For example, our crude unit specialists work on crude units day in and day out. Each one has worked on more than 25 different crude unit jobs over the years. It is the accumulation of years of experience on many different units that fosters a culture of institutional learning. The know-how accumulated from years of experience is incorporated into our specifications to provide designs that will increase throughput, improve yields, reduce fouling, or improve reliability, and ultimately improve our clients profitability.

While many larger companies have used the same process design for decades and depend on vendors for equipment design, Process Consulting Services’ process flow schemes reflect the specific and unique needs of each client with all major equipment design performed in-house. While Process Consulting Services skillfully employs sophisticated modeling tools, real unit performance depends on sound process flow schemes and equipment design that are derived from the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work in the real world. Operating profits are produced by steel on the ground, not the ideals of a computer model. Our revamps always begin with a comprehensive test run to establish major constraints and operating parameters. Grassroots designs draw on the know-how gleaned from our 20 years’ worth of test run measurements and subsequent analysis of many operating units.

Process Consulting Services engineers may be wearing coveralls helping operators gather field pressure measurements or we may be running the latest computer models in the office. In working on projects we are just as likely to be climbing around the fired heaters or towers as working in the control room. Because we know what needs to be done, execution is efficient and overall engineering costs are reduced.

Process Consulting Services is focused on results rather than billable man-hours that run up engineering costs. Thus, work is performed only on a lump-sum basis. The time devoted to a given job may be long or short, but what our clients pay for is not an expenditure of hours, it is for results that improve their bottom line.

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