Revamp Improves Asphalt Yield In Georgia Refinery



A refiner producing various grades of asphalt from Boscan crude revamped their CDU to maximize asphalt yield while meeting product quality.  These heavy crudes are difficult to process and specifications can be challenging when producing performance grade material. The successful revamp detailed in this article increased asphalt yield by 2% on whole crude and greatly improved unit stability.



In 2003, Citgo Asphalt Refining Co.’s (CARCO) Savannah, Ga., refinery completed a revamp of its No. 1 crude unit that increased asphalt yield by 2% on whore crude, depending on asphalt grade produced. Asphalt is the main product with all other products sold as refinery intermediate feedstocks.

Since the revamp, the unit charge rate has exceeded design rates, energy consumption is lower, less cracked gas is produced, and operating stability has improved greatly. Before the revamp the unit has little flexibility, was difficult to control, and operated with several constraints.

Before the revamp, CARCO determined that the crude column has to be replaced because it had reached the end of its useful life. Rather than simply replace the vessel in-kind, CARCO conducted a study to determine if a practical, cost-effective unit revamp could increase profitability while minimizing incremental investment…


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