Optimize Revamp Projects With A Logic-based Approach



Retrofitting processing units pose many obstacles. Test-run evaluations uncover limitations from existing infrastructures that can derail project goals.



Retrofit projects are unique challenges. Conventional grass roots projects focus on efficient scheduling that demands sequential work activities. However, revamp projects are not blank sheets. Existing infrastructures impose limitations on new processing capacities and operating conditions, which can hinder expansion goals.

Think before spending. Tight economic conditions mandate conserving funds at every opportunity. To meet economic guidelines within an operating unit revamp, project engineers develop accurate conceptual process designs (CPDs). Skimming on the CPD can dramatically impact front-end engineering design (FEED) and detail engineering.

In this case history, a Canadian refiner wisely invested on the testrun evaluation for the FCCU before moving forward on the CPD. Test-run results revealed several bottlenecks and obstacles that had to be addressed early in the engineering process. Forward thinking by the refiner enabled minimizing capital investment...


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