Low-capital Crude Unit Revamp Increases Product Yield



Crude unit revamps can sometimes yield large economic improvements with low-capital investment.  In this case study, improving atmospheric crude column stripping section efficiency improved diesel yields and unloaded the downstream vacuum column ejectors, increasing VGO yield. The low-capital modifications made in this revamp had a simple payout of less than 2 months.


In 2001, Lyondell-Citgo Refining LP improved diesel yield by 4.8% and atmospheric gas oil (AGO) product yield by 0.5% on whole crude by implementing a low-capital cost revamp in its Houston refinery.

Lyondell-Citgo produces more gas oil than its FCC can process; therefore, the crude revamp enabled the refiner to upgrade higher-sulfur vacuum gas oil to diesel at an average of $2.50/bbl.

Before the revamp, tray fouling in the atmospheric column stripping section forced Lyondell-Citgo to lower the steam rate as the run-length progressed to avoid atmospheric tower bottoms (ATB) entrainment…


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Tags: CDU, VDU