Consider Comprehensive CPD Efforts to Cut Costs



With performance real-time field data, designers can devise process retrofits at the conceptual stage that control project scope and minimize engineering revisions during FEED and detailed engineering.


Defining the project scope for grassroots facilities is a straight-forward exercise. Optimum execution procedures for engineering and contruction can be developed through office-based conceptual process design (CPD) efforts. No existing equipment or ancillary processing units must be considered during the grassroots CPD stage.

Yet in reality, most project activity within the HPI is focused on revamping existing production plants. Retrofitting existing facilities warrants a more detail-oriented CPD in that the project concentrates on revamping equipment already installed. During the revamp CPD, many project decisions determine changes to the process flow scheme and define the scope of the project.

Scope definition has an enormous impact on the project's estimated cost. Total installed cost....


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