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Fast-tracking an FCC Revamp

The design, detailed engineering and installation of one revamp took just four-and-a-half months. Unit feed rate, product recovery and product quality objectives were all met after the revamp.
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Consider Retrofits to Handle High-Viscosity Crudes

Refiners must fine-tune crude unit process design and energy balance to process a heavy feedslate.
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Refiners Processing Heavy Crudes Can Experience Crude Distillation Problems

World heavy crude volumes are increasing, and as a result CDU/VDU operating problems and the frequency of unscheduled outages is also increasing. Conventional CDU/VDU designs will not operate reliably or profitably on the more challenging crudes. This article addresses problem ...
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Consider Comprehensive CPD Efforts to Cut Costs

With performance real-time field data, designers can devise process retrofits at the conceptual stage that control project scope and minimize engineering revisions during FEED and detailed engineering.
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